One comment on “MO Presbytery Exonerates Federal Visionist Jeffrey Meyers of all Theological Errors (via Wes White)

  1. Back in August 2008, when Michael J. G. Pahls declared “that a 17th Century White European confession cannot possibly be employed to speak with unequivocal force to define a 21st Century, multi-ethnic, and globalized Christian body,” Jeff Meyers so resonated with those words that he decided to take them one step further. He wrote:

    When will modern Presbyterians admit that this 500-year-old document is no longer sufficient? Man, everybody in conservative Presbyterian circles talks as if Westminster was the high-point, and therefore the end-point of Reformation era creed-writing. But it often strikes me to be exactly the opposite—a sterile document that signaled the end of creative theological reflection in the Reformed churches. And what do we think? This 17th-century scholastic document will be enough for the next 100 years? 500 years? Silly. Just silly.

    It would be interesting, indeed, to hear Meyers explain how he is able to remain in conformity to a system of doctrine that he finds sterile, insufficient, and “exactly the opposite” of the high point (which would seem, on the face of his declaration, to make it the low point) of the Reformation era creeds.


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