5 comments on “Calvin on the Gathering of the Elect

  1. Here, for Calvin: the Elect = the Church.

    Do elect/ church = the Kingdom of God? Family of God?

    Some claim that the terms are not synonymous. But I don’t understand which would be a subset of another…

    By my limited reading, God’s elect = his church = his kingdom = his family.


  2. I note that J. Vernon MaGee had the Church/Body of Christ (and, we assume, Elect) being a subset of the Family, which in turn is a subset of the Kingdom.


  3. I think I’d generally agree with you, while understanding that some of those terms can be used in different senses. For example, there is a sense in which Israel was a visible “church,” that is, a set-apart gathering of people. There is also a sense in which all of creation is God’s “kingdom.” Even the word “elect” could possibly be used in a sense other than the usual theological sense. Pharaoh was elected by God for a purpose, as well as Judas, but not in the sense of those who are chosen by God unto salvation.

    As usual, context determines the appropriateness and definition of the word being used.


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