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  1. We can argue for a word to mean anything we want it to, but usage determines meaning. For a long time, Reformed has for a long time meant a variety of things: 1) Reformed Presbyterian Westminster Confession type of belief, 2) Reformed soteriology, 3) Reformed worldview, 4) drawing on the broad Reformation tradition of Calvin and others (e.g., here is where it is stretched the most – applied to Barth, for example – and with reasonable justification, and 5) probably others I’ve forgotten to think of as I type this out. So, it just means what people think it means. That may not make some people happy (and they can argue for a more restricted use), but they will be like the trademark lawyers suing people who say they are “xeroxing” something (while using a Ricoh machine) or who “scotch tape” something with adhesive not manufactured by 3M. At least that’s my opinion.


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