5 comments on “Response to Jason Stellman

  1. Why we oppose Mr Stellman & the CTC gang, and why we sometimes call them names:

    We are sensitive about the gospel, number one.

    Jesus called Peter “Satan,” and Paul called the Galatians “foolish.” Love sometimes calls it like it sees it.

    Jesus called the Pharisees a “brood of vipers,” and pronounced woe upon them. He knew a false gospel when he saw it.

    The Apostles had few niceties for those overthrowing the gospel. Paul was severe with the bogus twits beguiling the Galatians.

    These guys :
    are not our brothers.
    posit an authority of man’s making, not the Bible alone.
    promote various necrophiliac activities in the name of intercession and “help.”
    deny the sufficiency of Christ’s work @ Calvary as effecting salvation for his elect.
    push their pope.

    Stellman knows all this and more as a Roman Catholic Church-State convert.
    As an ex-Presby (ostensibly Reformed) minister, he knew better and preached the truth.
    Now he denies the truth. Shame on him. Heaps.
    What his new “church” does to Christ and the gospel and God’s word is ABOMINABLE.

    It dawned on me that these opponents of ours are probably praying the rosary for assistance in all this.
    This is probably especially true of neophyte Stellman, who is no doubt “under care” of a diocesan bishop, given he was an ordained minister.*
    He probably hurrying to make up for lost time with the Virgin.
    I’m not joking — this stuff is demonic.

    *{The average parish priest is too ignorant to know how to catechize an apostate ex-Protestant.}


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