2 comments on “Matthew Tuininga on the Two Kingdoms

  1. I know what you mean. And with Van Drunen, you have too much of a separation between “natural law” and revelation. I’m still trying to get around to reading that Kloosterman series.

    It’s funny… My liberal friends think I’m too conservative, and my “conservative” friends think I’m too “liberal.” My theonomist friends think I’m too far 2K; others think I’m too theonomistic in my application of the “general equity” principle. I go to a church that is open between WCF and LBCF views of baptism, so I get funny looks from both credobaptist and paedobaptist friends. I’m a crazy Calvinist to my Arminian friends, and R. Scott Clark, C. Matthew McMahon, etc. insist I’m not Reformed. My Dispensationalist friends think I read Scripture through theologically invented covenants, and my Paedobaptist friends think I’m a closet Dispensationalist. I have friends who act like I’m antinomian because I reject MacArthur/Piper “Lordship Salvation,” while others think I sneak legalism in through the back door because I affirm Dordt’s teaching on the “Perseverance of the Saints.” I feel woefully ignorant most of the time, but (mostly) everyone thinks I just like to be a know-it-all and argue for argument’s sake. Oh well.

    What do you think of Horton’s material?


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