3 comments on “Coke, Pepsi, and the Gospel (by Davey Ermold)

  1. I read it, and found it humorously brief. Dr. Sanders used to use a similar analogy of an ice cream shop. There were, of course, more options there.

    On a serious note, I both appreciate the link between determinism and the Gospel, and fear that it may be too dogmatically enforced.


  2. Glad to see you still check out the blog, Clifton! Is it just the posts that deal with determinism? 😉

    There are hints at the end that the author may dig a little deeper in a future post, and I hope that’s true.

    Without knowing more of your thoughts about your concerns, I think I might be able to sympathize somewhat. One one hand, I firmly believe full theistic determinism is taught in Scripture, and it is a doctrine that should be taught to the glory of God and the comfort of the hearer. However, determinism divorced from the cross is not the gospel. If the cross is not preached, the gospel is not preached, no matter how accurate the preacher’s teaching of determinism.

    That being said, a short blog post is a short blog post, and serves its purpose, namely, to bring an often lofty philosophical discussion into real-world, easy-to-grasp terms.


  3. I check out more than just what pertains to determinism, though that seems to be all that I comment on.

    I don’t take issue with the content of what Davey said, so long as it is understood as a defintion and analogy of determinism. But I’m surprised at the conclusion that free will must be an illusion; it seemed premature. However, as you noted, it was a short blog, and it served its purpose.

    I’ll be around 🙂


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