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  1. GHC: “This Augustinian view continued in Christian philosophy or theology. The word notitia, used by Christians in discussing faith, means simply an idea, a notion, a concept, or, as above, the understanding of what a proposition means. Assent means the voluntary act of believing the proposition to be true.

    “…I understand the proposition ‘Christ died for our sins.’ So do many other people; but they do not all assent to it; they do not all believe it. I do.

    “This matter of assent, however, can be seriously misunderstood. In one discussion an otherwise competent theologian took assent to refer to a verbal and public profession of faith. He then noted that such a profession can be and sometimes is hypocritical. Therefore, he concluded, assent itself, or with understanding, is not faith.

    “This argument depends on a misunderstanding of assent. Assent can never be hypocritical, for it is the voluntary act of according belief to a given proposition. There need be no verbal and public manifestation. Assent is an inner act of will.”



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