3 comments on “The Covenant of Created Supernatural Special Saving Effectual Grace [Particular Voices] | The Confessing Baptist

  1. What if the very categories are wrong?

    Where is “grace” ever used of/ for the reprobate in Scripture?

    Ans: It isn’t; it is reserved for the Father’s adopted children alone.

    “Common” “grace” is an oxymoron, an impossibility. At least, biblically. Grace is by biblical definition, uncommon.


  2. I agree, Hugh, with regard to the biblical use of the word. However, the history of theological language has included the uses Norton describes and defines, for better or worse. It’s helpful to distinguish between different uses so we can explain why when a Reformed Baptist, a Roman Catholic, and a Federal Visionist use the term “grace,” they don’t all mean the same thing.


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