9 comments on “Maybe Darryl Had A Point? Driscoll v. Catholic Creeds | The Heidelblog

  1. But you’re not insinuating I am bereft of the Spirit, just that I am demeaning Him?

    Why should the ECFs (the Church catholic/ universal) be looked upon as being better than theologians of the (relatively) recent past? The ECFs screwed up a lot.

    The “Church catholic” in its Romish variety IS “in manifest ignorance as to fundamental truths of the faith…” As has been the “Eastern Church catholic.”

    Many professors of Christ in the “Church catholic” today and throughout time have been “in manifest ignorance as to fundamental truths of the faith…”


  2. I don’t think you’re bereft of the Spirit. I think you misunderstand the meaning of “church catholic” though – it doesn’t mean “the majority of those who claim the name of Christ.” Siding with Driscoll over, well, all of orthodox Christianity, isn’t exactly something I’d choose to broadcast.


  3. The universal church made up of actual believers. Sorry if I’ve misunderstood you; I thought you were disparaging the orthodox creeds and the argumentation made by historic theologians in favor of Driscoll’s “point.”


  4. Scott Clakrk denies me access to post @ his blog. Oh well, it’s his bat & ball.

    The ECFs are no more infallible than Driscoll or Martin or Giles or Hart.

    Years of debate and reflection went into the creeds. Give people time to learn definitions and make distinctions. Giles is hard to comprehend (a very unclear writer), and, like Hart, appears to show no mercy to those not up to speed.

    Again, did not John MacArthur deny Christ’s eternal surbordination at one time, trying to protect his deity? Maybe the means are errant, but maybe he & Driscoll & Martin tried their best to defend the truth.


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