2 comments on “Benjamin Keach’s Definition of Drunkenness [Particular Voices] | The Confessing Baptist

  1. Thanks for the tip, but I’m just curious: Why the link to a link?

    Why not link right to Renihan from here, or better, post the very piece itself?

    Just wonderin’….


  2. Good question, Hugh. It would be bad manners of me to post the piece directly in its entirety, because I didn’t do the work of research that Sam did. Now, because I also blog at ConfessingBaptist.com, and this post fits the scope of that site (both Renihan & Keach are confessional Particular/Reformed Baptists), I wanted to post it there, since that site enjoys a much wider readership than The Sovereign Logos. Further, it would seem self-serving to post a link to my own personal site on The Confessing Baptist; I’d rather reverse it and point my readers to TCB instead.


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