5 comments on “The Trinity Foundation – Workers of the Church, Unite!: The Radical Marxist Foundation of Tim Keller’s Social Gospel

  1. Well, it would seem that we have a choice between the Marist theory (state owns all and controls all) or the fascist/Nazi theory (the wealthy own the corporations, while the state exists to control/serve them). Truth be told: Bella Dodd, a former chairman of the American Communist Party during the first half of the 20th century, summed it up so well in her School of Darkness: “”I think socialism is an invention of the capitalists to control the poor.” Her reason: She was ordered by Moscow to take her orders for the party from one of three capitalists who lived in the Waldorf Astoria. And then there is Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope which kind of lays out the conspiracy from the inside by one who believes in it and thinks it is hope to go with it and tragedy to go against it. The International Financiers, the British Round Table Groups, the Fabian socialists, plus others, are the means for the promotion of the socialistic agenda. The real aim is control, control, control. And one is no better off supporting what seems to be freedom, but is really the freedom of the corporations to roll over the masses like a juggernaut. Ever since the Illuminati, these folks have been at the task of taking over the world. Now, the goal is in sight. After all, they have schools that educate children for the one world government, amoral officials who will exterminate people just as the Soviets did in Russia and were doing (?) in China. The goal is to cut the world’s population to a half billion; it ensures the folks control and security of and in their wealth.


  2. The roots of socialism go way back. That Pope Francis, a Jesuit, should support socialism comes as no surprise. After all the Jesuits ran a socialistic experiment in Uruguay and Paraguay among the Indian tribes back in the late 1600s and early 1700s. Concentrations of power in the hands of a few is the aim of the game. The world is apparently an insane asylum run by a few of the inmates who have the wealth, etc., along with the desire to be in control and ensure their safety (and note they work through politicians; they pull the strings, so to speak) and security. The answer is a Third Great Awakening, the conversion of every last soul on the face of the earth beginning, hopefully, in this generation and continuing for a thousand generations and reaching quadrillions of planets for the next 20,000-900,000 years, all in order to fulfill the numbers indicated in Rev.7:9, etc.


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