5 comments on “Common Core Isn’t The Problem | Reformed Libertarian

  1. Sproul Jr.’s son.
    Nice, but the immediate issue is Common Core is *a* problem.

    The problem IS what is being taught,
    AS WELL AS in which district it’s being taught.
    The problem is also that the state is the one doing the teaching…

    These are not mutually exclusive problems. They can be rated, but shouldn’t be dismissed.

    Common Core as a curriculum is intellectually bankrupt (& HENCE, A PROBLEM!),
    AND Common Core isn’t the FOUNDATIONAL problem, state run education is the FUNDAMENTAL problem.


  2. Hugh. You’re right. But so many are refusing to point out that all this debate could be avoided by simply eradicating the State’s presence from education in the first place. That is the point of the article. Common Core is a symptom and “a” problem. But “the” problem is the State.


  3. Sure, C.J. But that’s like saying that Rome must disband or the pope must die. True enough, but we’re trying to save one starfish at a time. Common core is problem; Jr.’s junior said it wasn’t, overstating grossly.

    Sorry, but such is the fare from Postmillennialists, who want and expect the fall of Rome (or, in this, case the US’s statist schools. Not til the eschaton, most likely. Fight it all, but we can only work in the section of the vineyard where we’re assigned…


  4. Hugh, is that honestly your impression of the piece? That common core isn’t a problem? If so, then you’ve completely missed the point. The point is that common core IS a problem, but even getting rid of it is just polishing brass on a sinking ship (a saying you like to bring up often, if I recall). I’m not a postmillennial, myself, but at least they aren’t defeatist when it comes to talking about problems like education in the United States (hardly an insurmountable problem, relatively speaking…nobody’s talking about the eradication of sin from America, just putting some things in [biblical] perspective). Too many conservatives & Christians tend to miss the forest for the trees, a problem which the article is trying to point out: Those who think common core is some great new evil whose defeat will magically fix things are deceived. Same goes for Obamacare. Obamacare isn’t the primary issue; it’s a steadily-increasing statist regime. Even if common core was rejected, it’d just be one head off the proverbial hydra. It doesn’t hurt to think big-picture once in a while.


  5. Campbell Sproul wrote, “Common Core isn’t the problem, state run education is the problem.” And s/he made that point repeatedly. The state, the state, the state. OK, we get it. We ain’t gonna overthrow it.

    But what’s wrong with polishing some brass? At least we’ve taken care of our little corner.

    I agree statist education (statist anything!) is the root here. But s/he disparaged the attack on common core, which is unhelpful, imho. Young Sproul wants to eradicate statism ed. Fine. But again, that’s an overreach.

    To use your analogy, Campbell wants to ignore or downplay the trees for the forest. But in order to deforest, ya start with one tree.

    Had young Sproul judiciously chosen to use the word “primary” as you employed, we’d have little disagreement. But the very title is misleadingly unhelpful: “COMMON CORE IS NOT THE PROBLEM.”


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