3 comments on ““Satan…will do anything to hold up evangelism and divide Christians.” J.I. Packer

  1. Including getting them to hook up “together” with Catholics, confusing “the gift of salvation,” and battling societal and moral issues in “Manhattan.”

    Thanks, J.I., for leading Evangelicals to Rome with your double talk.


  2. He surely DOES know better, Patrick, and has chosen a much less excellent way.

    We see it in the ecumenism of So. Baptists like Colson, Graham, & Warren, in Presbyterians like Duncan & Keller, and in Anglicans like Packer.

    They profess one Reformed biblical truth out of one side of their mouths, and something entirely different from the other.

    As R.C. Sproul said 20 years ago, Evangelicals are unwilling to say that the opposite of what they believe is false.


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