7 comments on “Jeff Riddle’s “Rejoinder to James White: Erasmus & Apologetics” [AUDIO] | The Confessing Baptist

  1. Will listen with interest. Jeff is a valiant and winsome pastor standing for real sola scriptura (as in, an extant, infallible, inerrant Bible).

    Sadly, Mr White lives in fantasy-land, where lost manuscripts are appealed & relied upon.


  2. And Mr White cannot see the deception that has swept the evangelical world:


    Quote: When James White says “I believe the Bible IS the infallible words of God” he is not referring to a real, tangible, in print, hold it in your hands and read, Book at all. He is referring to a mythical, imaginary, hypothetical, invisible and non-existent, phantom “bible” that he has never seen, does not have and certainly cannot give to anybody else.

    In other words, he is professing faith in a Fantasy. And then he thinks we Bible believers who have a real Bible printed on paper between two covers we can actually hold in our hands and give to anybody that asks to see it are “a cult”, and even heretics.


  3. Can’t say I’m on board with the KJVO’s, although I do tend to lean toward the TR (or the Byzantine Majority, at the very least). That Riddle piece on MacArthur and Mark’s ending is indeed good.


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