About the Author

Patrick T. McWilliams
patrickmcw AT gmail DOT com

Son of John & Susan
Adopted by God
Husband of Mackenzee
Father of Molly & Jude
Saved by Grace
Disciple of Christ

Member of Bonaire First Baptist Church. Former contributor to The Confessing Baptist.

I align most closely with the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689 as an accurate and helpful summary of the doctrines taught in Scripture.


14 comments on “About the Author

  1. I’m excessively amused that there’s another Patrick McWilliams floating around in the Reformed world. Thank goodness I don’t go by my first name; that could be confusing.


  2. Under RESOURCES I see that you list the NETBible.
    What is you position on the Word of God, seeing that NET is very eclectic?


  3. Hi Louis,

    I don’t like the NET translation very much, but the website is very handy as a research/reference tool. Its concordance feature has saved me a lot of page-flipping when pressed for time! As far as my position on God’s Word, I share the same high regard for Scripture as the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith (1689), Chapter I. I also hold a Majority Text view of the New Testament texts.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  4. I’m impressed by (and in agreement with) your theological views. It is rare to find a fellow Calvinistic Credobaptist who is also a fan of Robbins and Clark. I’m even happy with your eschatology. I have ventured around your site and do like your descriptions of the applicability of the OT law today (and your understanding of theonomy– Even Robbins, who railed against Bahnsen and North, like the term “theonomy”).

    I like to say that apologetically, I am a fan of Bahnsen and his method (especially against Stein in their debate) and epistemologically I am a Clarkian Scripturalist.

    I run ReformedLibertarian.com and have used your site on occasion (when describing the basis of law and economics) while I catch up with producing the same amount of content that you have worked hard to build.

    I hope to be around this site more.


  5. I completely forgot that I had written this comment last year. I suppose I ought to note that I’m less a fan of Bahnsen’s method now. Such a position was held while I was on the bridge from Van Til to Clark. Good times.


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