3 comments on “Kevin DeYoung on Rhetoric & Rob Bell

  1. A Few Thoughts on Rob Bell « Johannes Weslianus

    Can the Van Tillian and Scholastic Puritans keep this nonsense at bay? Methinks not. They hold to the same rudimentary fallacy that Bell holds to, namely, that truth is not propositional but relational. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r…IKkvmSNUCY

    Bell says at 2:40-2:50 “The Bible is not the point, the point is knowing Jesus Christ and the power of his ressurection.”

    Right out of the mouth of an early 20th century liberal and quite frankly indistinguishable from the nonsense that comes out of the mouth of very well read puritanical folk that I speak with often when we are discussing Dr Clark and his assertion that all truth is propositional. Go ahead Van Tillians and Scholastics, keep searing your conscience from the truth and keep watching the factions and the heresies spread like wildfire!


  2. I don’t care much for this fellow either. My bible study and I watched a video by him and I immediately found one of his “facts” through which he made a case to be false. The falsehood centered around the theological similarities between Christianity and Mithraism. In any event, he says some potentially dangerous things.


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